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Benefits Of The Pebble-Stone Epoxy System As A Concrete Replacement Alternative

The #1 resurfacing system of choice for ugly concrete.

Are you tired of having to replace your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, or some other concrete surface every time you see how outdated and old your concrete looks?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then you need to try our new product called “Pebble-Stone Epoxy”. It’s easy to apply, it cures in just under an hour, it’s 100% waterproof and it looks great! It comes in a jiffy package that includes all the ingredients you need to create a beautiful new concrete surface in no time at all. Give us a call if you’d like more information on this exciting new product.

Don’t put up with having to replace your concrete driveway, patio, walkway, or some other concrete surface every time you want to change things around. Get rid of that frustration once and for all by trying our new product called “Pebble-Stone Epoxy”. It comes in a convenient jiffy package that includes all the ingredients you need to create a new concrete surface that will look great for years to come.

You don’t have to tear you’re concrete out any more thanks to this river rock solution.

 Concrete cracks are one of the main causes of people having to replace their concrete slabs.

Cracks in your concrete can let water and moisture get into your slab and cause premature deterioration. In many cases, this means that you will have to replace the concrete much sooner than you would have otherwise.

Our Pebble-Stone Epoxy System has developed a solution for this problem. Now you can save your concrete by resurfacing your concrete with the river rock epoxy that goes over the top of your concrete surface and will beautify your floor. The System is designed for indoor and outdoor flooring.

There are a number of benefits to using a pebble-stone epoxy floor instead of concrete. It’s much more convenient to resurface than having to replace the concrete around your home!

If you are looking for a durable, low-maintenance floor covering that is easy to clean and looks great in any home, you need to consider using natural stone and epoxy. This type of floor covering is extremely popular because it is extremely hardwearing and easy to maintain. It comes in a variety of colors, small, medium, and large stone sizes.

It can be used on both interior and exterior floors and is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as entryways, foyers, sunroom, basements, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, game rooms, playrooms, pool decks, car showrooms, and any residential or commercial property.

In fact, it is much harder than the p.s.i. strength of concrete! 

Let's Tell You More About Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring..

Our blog is all about providing valuable information for all things related to flooring. Our readers are interested in learning about different types of flooring, how each one is installed, maintenance requirements, and so forth.

 By comparison, a pebble-stone epoxy floor is a man made flooring option that is natural stone mixed with epoxy, and has a similar look to exposed aggregate but prettier. It is made of river stones, river rocks, pebbles, and then strengthened with epoxy. It can be difficult to install so we recommend hiring a professional.  A pebble-stone epoxy floor can be installed over existing concrete. The “epoxy stone mixed” floor is just what it sounds like… a mixture of resin and pebbles that have been properly formulated and enhanced with U.V. (Ultra Violet) additives to resist wear from the sun exposure.

The result is a tough, non-slip floor that looks great in any home and even outdoor flooring such as you driveway, garage floor, patio, sunroom, porch, sidewalks, and even pool deck surfaces. 

Installing a pebble-stone epoxy floor is faster than laying a concrete slab. In most cases, you can finish the job in just one day and it will be ready for use the same day it was poured. By comparison, it usually takes several days to lay a concrete slab and the concrete company process and then weeks to cure it (depending on the type of concrete you are using).

Are you looking for the best solution for indoor/outdoor flooring? If so, you need to read this post. In it, you will discover why our pebble-stone epoxy is the best solution for your needs.

It Has A High-Strength, Durable, High-Luster Stone Finish Or Matte Stone Finish:

Are you looking for a flooring solution?

This flooring system uses an amazing ground-breaking technology called “pebble-stone epoxy” that covers the entire floor surface and becomes part of the floor. There is no loose gravel or sand left behind, just a gorgeous, durable flooring surface that is easy to clean and looks great anywhere.

Flooring made of pebbles? Now you can have it in your home! And not only your home – this floor can also be used in your boat, car, or anywhere else that has a concrete floor. Click here now and get a free estimate from one of our flooring professionals!

This floor covering has been designed with an extremely hard, wear-resistant surface that has a high-luster, “wet-look” finish or a matte finish can be achieved with a particular additive when mixed into the epoxy batch.

Pebblestone Epoxy Is Durable:

Concrete is not only ugly, but it is also extremely hard-wearing which makes it very difficult to keep clean.

Concrete also gets oil stains, no aesthetic fix for cracks and that means you are more likely to develop shifts in concrete slabs and structure.

Epoxy-stone flooring is an elegant and economical option that looks great and provides a smooth and comfortable surface that resists oil, stains, chemicals. It comes in many colors and designs so you can have your floor customized to suit your personal taste and budget.

Unlike concrete, which needs to be replaced every certain amount of years or so, depending on the concrete craftsmanship of the installer. But an epoxy floor can last indefinitely if proper maintenance is provided. This makes it perfect for your home or business by providing a long-lasting decorative concrete overlay.

Pebblestone Epoxy Is Energy Efficient & Cool On Your Feet:

Concrete is a pretty boring surface to walk on. It’s cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and just plain dead all around.

But epoxy-stone isn’t just any old surface. It has a secret weapon that makes it cooler than concrete in all seasons and at all times of the day or night. In fact, epoxy-stone is so cool underfoot that many people who install it in their homes consider it an investment rather than a cost. 

Don’t you wish your flooring was as cool and comfortable under your feet as it is under the surface of the earth? If so, give epoxy-stone a try. You won’t be sorry. One of the best things about this amazing product is that it looks classy, elegant, and prettier than other concrete resurfacing systems.

Another advantage of using epoxy-stone flooring in place of concrete or asphalt is its energy efficiency. Concrete and asphalt are extremely heat-producing materials. This means that in the summertime, they can raise the temperature of a room by as much as 1 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! While this may not seem like much, this heat can have a tremendous effect on the comfort level of the people living in the house. By using pebble-stone epoxy as a floor coating, you can cut down on this heat gain by a large percent.

Just another area to consider for concrete resurfacing is the concrete around your pool. How nice would it be to have a system that is cooler on your feet and more comfortable?

This makes the epoxy-pebble system perfect for POOL DECKS!

Which will lead us to our next benefit of epoxy-stone floors.

Slip Resistant:

You put your feet down on a surface, and then… you don’t know if it is safe or not. It feels like there is “give” under your feet, but you can’t be sure.

No more wondering if the surface you are standing on is slippery or not. The non-slip properties of Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring will give you the confidence to move forward with total peace of mind.

Another advantage of using epoxy-stone flooring in place of concrete or asphalt is its slip resistance. Concrete and asphalt are very slick and dangerous surfaces when it comes to preventing people from slipping and falling. But with an epoxy-stone floor, this is not a problem. It has a very textured surface which provides excellent traction for people walking on the floor. Clear silica sand should be light and evenly dispersed after the epoxy stone has been troweled for even added slip resistance. Every pebble-stone flooring contractor worth their business will perform this essential step. With the added slip resistance and the textured surface, it makes this perfect for use in the entryway, pool deck family room, kitchen, dining room, parlor, den, and just about any other room in your home where you would like to provide a non-slip surface.

Epoxy-Stone is Chemical Resistant:

Traditional flooring has been the standard in the home improvement industry for a long time. But recently, there has been a huge shift in the marketplace. Consumers are looking for alternative flooring that is low-maintenance, chemical and oil resistant, and stain-resistant.

Imagine your home being the center of attention for all your friends and family when they come to visit. They’ll be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your epoxy-stone flooring and amazed at how easy it is to maintain.

Your home will be more beautiful and you will have a more enjoyable experience when you are with your loved ones.

An epoxy-stone floor coating is ideal for areas where there is a high probability that chemicals will be present. Such as a kitchen, laundry room, garage, basement, sewer/dump area, or any other room where you might have caustic cleaners, gasoline, solvents, or other toxic materials. By using epoxy-stone flooring in these areas, you can prevent damage to the flooring, paint, and even the finish of your home or business.

Visually, Aesthetically Pleasing:

There are many different types of floor covering available. But what makes pebble-stone unique is its “pebble-like” micro-roughness which gives it a unique visual appeal. It is this micro-roughness that makes it a superior floor covering option.

Imagine your floor is covered with a beautiful natural stone and epoxy resin mix. No more needing to sand or scuff it to get it to look new. All you have to do is sweep or vacuum it regularly and it will remain to look great for years to come and every once in a great moon you can always add a thin clear coat on the top to rejuvenate and fill in any micro-scrapes.

Another advantage of pebble-stone epoxy over concrete or asphalt is that it looks great. 

Pebble-stone epoxy resurfacing has a natural non-synthetic appearance that blends well with many different styles and colors of residential and commercial settings. And because it has a beautiful river stone and epoxy appearance, it has a warm, earthy feel that goes with any décor. It is also easy to clean and looks great after it has been cleaned.


Pebble Paving Epoxy Installation Is Efficient: 

It takes 4 to 6 people and 8 to 10 hours to lay vinyl flooring. Even more of a pain to use a concrete company to tear it out when you can just resurface it instead!

With pebble-stone epoxy, you can install in about 1/3rd of the time… and with a floor that is just as easy to maintain.

Our flooring is installed by only a few people working together. This is called “Team Installation” and it’s done in about half the time of traditional flooring methods combined with how fast-acting the epoxy resin is.

Because the stone is so hard, it makes an excellent floor covering that will not require an excessive amount of installation time. Installation is fast, easy, and requires only one thick layer. The floor can be installed over old ugly concrete, or even a good concrete floor to achieve its highly sought-after appearance.  A floor made with pebble-stone epoxy provides a very durable, attractive, and long-lasting floor for any type of building. 

In fact, when properly installed, this flooring material can potentially last longer than any other flooring material currently on the market.


River Rock Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Clean:  

Most floor coverings like carpet, tile, and hardwood are difficult or impossible to clean. But, with a few simple tips, your stone epoxy floor coating will be like new forever.

Don’t put up with grimy, hard-to-clean floors. If your existing floor surface is concrete, wood, linoleum, or any other type of floor covering, learn how to make your floor easy to clean… and enjoy a floor system that will stay that way for years to come.

Cleaning your flooring surface shouldn’t be a chore. With these easy-to-follow instructions, your floor covering will be like new forever. And here are the step(s):

1. Pressure wash pebble-stone. Yes, it’s really that simple. The system has a higher p.s.i. strength than concrete hose away! It’s good to keep the nozzle roughly 8-12 inches from the ground and spray back and forth. With each individual stone being enveloped in epoxy resin dirt and debris will pass on.

This floor covering has been designed to be cleaned easily with a simple pressure washer. Unlike vinyl and tile floor surfaces which must be professionally cleaned, this floor overlay can be cleaned with ease by almost anyone.  In fact, once you learn how to clean it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It resists stains better than any other floor covering and can be scrubbed clean with a simple household cleaner.

Over an old concrete floor, it will provide a non-slip surface that will last for decades. When installed over a good concrete floor, it will provide a durable, slip-resistant surface that will last for generations. When installed over a concrete floor, it provides a slip-resistant, non-skid surface that is ideal for commercial or residential use.

How Is Epoxy Stone Flooring Installed? 

If you are looking for information on installing pebble-stone epoxy flooring, this is the place to be. We tell you all about the benefits, we answer your questions, plus we give you lots of ideas on how you can use this type of flooring in your home or business.

The first step in the process is to thoroughly clean the floor where the pebble-stone will be installed. You should grind the concrete to open the pores of the surface so that the epoxy resin can absorb and have a permanent bond to the concrete. Then, Vacuum the concrete thoroughly to remove any debris or dust. Next, primer is applied to the floor. The priming stage is vital and required in a professional pebble-stone epoxy install.

It allows the epoxy to properly bond to the concrete and creates a solid foundation for the final finish. After the primer is rolled out over the concrete surface area that you are about to resurface with epoxy stone. It is time to prepare the epoxy pebble mix. The stone and epoxy must be mixed thoroughly until every river stone is encapsulated with resin. 

Prepare yourself for the tough road ahead. Now you’re ready to trowel the mix. If not left to a professional you can find yourself in some serious trouble. That is why it is important to hire a professional expert in epoxy pebble stone. It must be troweled quickly and you must achieve a perfectly smooth surface when finished. With the sun blazing, hot on your back, you must think and work quickly to spread the mix and tie in with the next mix. 

Boom! If you’ve made it this far, wipe the sweat off your back and give yourself a pat on back. Mix after Mix must come until the job is completed. You must apply an additive to the mix to achieve a slip-resistant surface. This is one of the most important steps to perform when installing pebble-stone epoxy.

Congratulations, You completed your concrete resurfacing project! Depending on the temperature will determine how long it takes to cure. It’s good to give it a day before checking to see if it is hardened and then check a small area with your finger and a glove. It is best to wait at least 3 days before vehicle traffic. 

Where To Buy Epoxy Stone Resin or Pebble-Stone Epoxy Kits?

You can purchase pebblestone epoxy, epoxy stone resin, pebble paving, and pebble-stone epoxy from the button below!

Why Tear Your Concrete Out When You Resurface It

Did you know there is a type of floor covering that can be used to repair concrete floors without having to remove the concrete and start over?

Did you know cracks in concrete floors are not only visually unattractive… they can be very uncomfortable for people who walk on them?

Walking on a cracked floor is like walking on a sheet of ice. The floor is breaking up under your feet and each step produces an extremely sharp jolt.

Our floor repair system completely encapsulates and seals the concrete floor, protecting it from future damage. Plus, it makes the floor look new, without the cost and mess of a full concrete floor replacement.

Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring is a better alternative than having to tear your concrete out and replace it. 

Concrete is a wonderful material but it does have some weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is that it will crack if it gets too much traffic or if it is exposed to certain environmental conditions. In fact, many buildings that were constructed 25 years ago are in desperate need of repair because of severe cracking. Nowadays, with the help of modern technology and floor covering, it is possible to create a floor that has the appearance of old-fashioned concrete… while having the strength and durability of a “Pebble-Stone Epoxy Floor”. That means you don’t have to worry about your concrete floor getting damaged again… and again… and again!

As the owner of an epoxy flooring business, I get calls almost on a daily basis from people who want to know how to make their concrete floors look like epoxy. That’s because concrete, over time, tends to lose its sheen and develop a dull patina. When this happens, it becomes difficult to distinguish the cracks from the floor and they become more noticeable.

We use our proprietary epoxy flooring system to transform your existing concrete floor into a beautiful, durable, high-end epoxy flooring surface. Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring is cost-effective.

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